Nova Scotia Health Authority/CRNNS

Welcome to CRNNS and Nova Scotia Health Authority’s background screening page. CSI Background Screening has partnered with NSHA and CRNNS to provide an easy and cost effective way to complete your required background checks. Our staff are dedicated to making this process as easy as possible for NSHA and CRNNS Candidates.

Based upon your pending position, you will require ONE of the following searches:

  1. If you DO NOT require a Vulnerable Sector Search, then click on OPTION A.  A standard Canadian Criminal Record Check does not include a search of the Pardoned Sex Offenders Registry (VSS): or
  2. Do you need a Vulnerable Sector Search?  If yes click on OPTION B.  OPTION B is a search of the Pardoned Sex Offenders Registry, which does include a Canadian Criminal Record Check.

If you are not sure which of these two options apply to you, DO NOT PROCEED. Please contact NSHA to clarify their requirements, then return to this page.


If you need a standard Canadian Criminal Record Check, you have two choices:

Canadian Criminal Record Check with eConsent (Paperless)

order hereEConsent (Paperless) (This is not a VSS, see below): This is an electronic ID Verification. You must have an credit file to use this option. There are four ‘out of wallet’ questions relating to your credit file.  If your identity cannot be verified through this process, you will have to complete the Paper Consent Option.

Canadian Criminal Record Check (Paper Consent)

order herePaper Consent: The required paper consent form and the required ID’s are scanned and forwarded to CSI via email. Before ordering  Download Forms Here


OPTION B (referred to as VSS) (CRNNS Option)

If you require a search of the Pardoned Sex Offenders Registry (VSS) which includes a Canadian Criminal Record Check, then you will need to have your fingerprints taken at one of our fingerprint locations.  This process should only take about 15 minutes.  This system is very easy and quick to complete and far better than other methods.

order herePardoned Sex Offenders Registry (VSS):  Once you order this service, please call our office at 902-450-0697 or email us at and we will make arrangements for you to attend one of our offices near your residence to be fingerprinted.  CSI will make all the arrangements for you.


Once payment is processed contact CSI for further instructions.  Call us at 888-818-5251 or 902-450-0697 or email us at