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Is it an apple or an orange? Comparing services

Glad that’s in the rearview!
Well, put a pin in 2020! Boy that was the year from hell! Here at CSI Screening we have turned our back firmly on the year which shall not be named, and are trying to look positively at 2021.
One thing we have been looking forward to for a long time is the launch of our new website, which you can find at https://www.csiscreening.com/. Please take a look and if you have any questions or see any mistakes please let me know. If you are a regular user of our website please give us your feedback on how the new site works for you.

Is it an apple? Or an orange?

My mother always told me, compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Mind you I think we were probably in a grocery store setting when she told me this, but it applies to who you select to perform your background screening checks for you as well. There are a lot of companies moving into the background screening industry offering criminal checks at very low prices with almost instant turnaround. What seems too good to be true most often is. Many of these companies are offering a criminal record search at rock bottom prices and 5 minute turn around.
In reality, they are performing a search of a database known in the industry as the Global Terrorist Watchlist in place of an actual Canadian criminal records search. While a Global Terrorist Watch list search is great for what it is designed for, it is by no means a Canadian Criminal Records search. However, it is far cheaper for them to conduct this search and pass it off as a criminal records search to the unwary. We offer an Enhanced Global Terrorist Watchlist search to our own clients, but we have certainly never offered it as a substitute for a Canadian Criminal Records Search.
If you are being offered great prices and instant turn around, ask some questions. What database do you search when conducting a Canadian Criminal Records search? If they respond with anything but the National Repository of Criminal Convictions maintained by the RCMP, then it is not a Canadian Criminal Records Search. Further, if they are unwilling to tell you what police agency they use, be very wary. If they provide you with an agency name, don’t be afraid to call that police agency and ask them outright if they perform the criminal records search for the proposed screening provider.
In the fallout from “fake news”, we all need to be aware that it is up to us to do our own due diligence.

Standard Criminal Check vs Enhanced Criminal Check

Is more really better? In the world of background screening the answer is usually YES! Do you know there is a standard criminal records check and an Enhanced version? The standard criminal records search will return an affirmative response from the RCMP if the applicant truthfully self-declares all of the indictable criminal offenses which he or she has been convicted of and has not received a pardon for.

An Enhanced criminal records search is something like the supersize me of criminal records searches. It covers the same territory as a standard criminal records search but also includes any pending charges, charges which have not resulted in convictions, warrants, prohibitions, probation orders and local police indices.

The Enhanced search is particularly helpful when hiring an applicant who may be employed in some position of trust where a criminal record would be extremely risky. A standard check will not tell you that the applicant has been recently charged with an offense, and may not be appearing in court until after you have hired them. If the applicant were convicted of impaired driving, and you unknowingly hired them prior to their conviction, driving might be one of their duties. You would have no way of knowing of the employee’s recent conviction, unless they were to disclose it to you, and you could have an employee driving a company vehicle without a license. If an accident were to occur, the consequences would be disastrous.

Unless your company conducts regular rechecks, you might hire someone without a criminal record who is convicted after their hire date, and never know they have a record. If you were hiring someone to enter client’s residences to install or repair devices, you could be exposing your clients to unacceptable risks and should an incident occur, your company might be considered culpable as you had not done your due diligence.

Enhanced criminal records searches are not needed by everyone, but for those companies who should be using them, it is an invaluable tool.

Bad Hire = Big Losses

It’s easy to think that the bigger the organization is the harder it is to maintain control and know your people, thus keeping your business, customers and employees safe. While that is true to some degree, it is the smaller businesses and organizations that have more to lose when the worst happens – you’ve made a bad hire.

In larger organizations there tends to be overlap in employee roles and often there are backups for each role so that no one person is integral to the operation or completely responsible for important duties.

In small businesses, one employee is often responsible for wearing several hats and has access to more sensitive information, simply because the owner has no recourse but to trust the few people they hire. In many cases an employer must depend on one or two staff members to run their business if they ever hope to have a day off or any vacation time.

This is why it is so vitally important that small business owners conduct very thorough background screening, including criminal checks, detailed reference checks and verification of the applicant’s former employment. The reality is that many small business owners have neither the time or the experience in conducting these background checks. They are too busy running their company.

No matter how big or small your company is, CSI Background Screening makes your hiring needs our first priority, and we have over 15 years of experience in helping companies around the world to make informed hiring decisions.

Welcome to the New and Improved CSI

We welcome you to the new CSI Background Screening website that has been a labor in the background to bring you the best experience possible when dealing with background searches. Whether your a new hire, or a company hiring a new employee, we know that the experience is much likened to extending a family.

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