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Canadian Criminal Record Checks

CSI Screening is an CPIC authorized provider of named based criminal records checks. CSI has met the requirements of the RCMP, CPIC and Police and has signed MOUs and agreements with CPIC agencies and the RCMP. PLEASE NOTE ECONSENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS OF CANADA. PLEASE READ CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY
Canadian Criminal Police Record Check ($35.00)
Canadian Criminal Record Check With eConsent (Paperless & Secure) ($38.50)
Criminal record check and police clearance letter ($45.00)

Canadian Searches

CSI Screening offers many additional services for background check purposes in Canada. Please select which service you wish completed. Written consent is required.
Bankruptcy ($52.00)
Canadian Credit Check ($27.00)
Canadian ID Verify ($17.00)
Education Verification ($37.00)
Employment Reference Check ($37.00)
Employment Verification ($37.00)
Provincial Driver's Abstract ($52.00)

Enhanced Criminal Record Check

An enhanced criminal record check is when the applicant self declares any arrests, charges, warrants, upcoming court cases and any other police or court involvement. CSI Screening will then verify that the applicant has provided all details. If they have not we will advised that not all information was provided by the applicant. This allows employers to know about police involvement that has not resulted in a conviction. Written consent is required by applicant.
Enhanced Criminal Record Check ($35.00)

International Criminal Record Search

CSI Screening is one of the very few companies in Canada that has relationships with international police forces and approved background screening companies. We are able to obtain criminal records from most countries in the world.
Afghanistan by Address ($190.00)
Albania ($180.00)
American Samoa ($90.00)
Andora ($180.00)
Angola ($200.00)
Antigua ($155.00)
Argentina ($115.00)
Armenia ($230.00)
Aruba ($80.00)
Australia -National Search ($170.00)
Austria ($190.00)
Azerbaijan ($200.00)
Bahamas ($80.00)
Bahrain ($190.00)
Bangladesh ($200.00)
Barbados ($120.00)
Belarus ($190.00)
Belgium ($145.00)
Belize ($185.00)
Benin ($200.00)
Bermuda ($165.00)
Bhutan ($200.00)
Bolivia ($220.00)
Botswana ($190.00)
Boznia Herzegovina ($200.00)
Brazil ($135.00)
British Virgin Islands ($80.00)
Brunei ($280.00)
Bulgaria ($225.00)
Burkina Faso ($200.00)
Burma ($200.00)
Burundi ($210.00)
Caicos Islands ($150.00)
Camaroon ($170.00)
Cambodia ($115.00)
Cape Verde ($190.00)
Cayman Islands ($140.00)
Central African Republic ($200.00)
Chad ($200.00)
Chile ($125.00)
China ($110.00)
Columbia ($250.00)
Congo Democratic Republic ($210.00)
Congo Republic of ($190.00)
Cooks Island ($240.00)
Costa Rica ($90.00)
Croatia ($200.00)
Cuba ($220.00)
Cyprus ($190.00)
Czech Republic ($225.00)
Denmark ($140.00)
Dominican Republic ($100.00)
East Timor ($230.00)
Ecudor ($125.00)
Egypt ($200.00)
El Salvador ($125.00)
England ($135.00)
Eritrea ($200.00)
Estonia ($200.00)
Ethiopia ($200.00)
Fiji ($135.00)
Finland ($140.00)
France ($160.00)
Georgia ($225.00)
Germany ($165.00)
Ghana ($225.00)
Gilbralter ($190.00)
Greece ($170.00)
Greenland ($190.00)
Grenada ($160.00)
Guadalupe ($160.00)
Guam ($100.00)
Guatemala ($135.00)
Guinea ($190.00)
Guyana ($145.00)
Haiti ($225.00)
Holland ($190.00)
Honduras ($220.00)
Hong Kong ($190.00)
Hungary ($190.00)
Iceland ($200.00)
India ($100.00)
Indonesia ($190.00)
Iran ($200.00)
Iraq ($200.00)
Ireland ($150.00)
Israel ($170.00)
Italy ($140.00)
Ivory Coast ($190.00)
Jamaica ($100.00)
Japan ($190.00)
Jordan ($200.00)
Kazachstan ($175.00)
Kenya ($190.00)
Kosovo ($200.00)
Kuwait ($200.00)
Kyrgyzstan ($200.00)
Laos ($200.00)
Latvia ($200.00)
Lebanon ($200.00)
Lesotho ($200.00)
Liberia ($200.00)
Libya ($300.00)
Lithuania ($200.00)
Luxembourg ($145.00)
Macau ($165.00)
Macedonia ($200.00)
Madagascar ($200.00)
Malawi ($200.00)
Malaysia ($125.00)
Mali ($190.00)
Malta ($190.00)
Mariana Islands ($220.00)
Marshall Islands ($220.00)
Mauritania ($190.00)
Mauritius ($190.00)
Mexico ($160.00)
Moldova ($210.00)
Monoco ($145.00)
Morocco ($225.00)
Mozambique ($200.00)
Muscat ($200.00)
Myanmar (Burma ($160.00)
Nambia ($200.00)
Nepal ($200.00)
Netherlands ($190.00)
Netherlands Antilles ($150.00)
New Guinea ($190.00)
New Zealand ($120.00)
Nicaragua ($140.00)
Niger ($200.00)
Nigeria ($130.00)
Northern Ireland ($135.00)
Northern Marianna Islands ($190.00)
Norway ($190.00)
Oman ($200.00)
Pakistan ($200.00)
Panama ($135.00)
Paraguay ($135.00)
Peru ($135.00)
Phillipines ($100.00)
Poland ($145.00)
Portugal ($190.00)
Puerto Rico ($100.00)
Qatar ($200.00)
Romania ($200.00)
Russia ($200.00)
Rwanda ($200.00)
Santo Domingo ($190.00)
Saudi Arabia ($190.00)
Scotland ($135.00)
Senegal ($225.00)
Serbia & Montenegro ($230.00)
Sierre Leone ($200.00)
Singapore ($190.00)
Slovakia ($245.00)
Slovenia ($245.00)
South Africa ($120.00)
South Korea ($210.00)
Spain ($140.00)
Sri Lanka ($200.00)
Sudan ($200.00)
Suriname ($225.00)
Sweden ($140.00)
Switzerland ($140.00)
Syria (Please Call) ($200.00)
Taiwan ($190.00)
Tanzania ($225.00)
Thailand ($160.00)
Togo ($200.00)
Trinidad/Tobago ($120.00)
Tunisia ($200.00)
Turkey ($215.00)
Turkmenistan ($250.00)
UAE ($100.00)
Uganda ($220.00)
Ukraine ($240.00)
United Kingdom ($135.00)
Uruguay ($190.00)
USA Virgin Islands ($80.00)
Uzbekistan ($200.00)
Venezuela ($200.00)
Vietnam ($200.00)
Wales ($135.00)
West Indies ($150.00)
Yemen ($200.00)
Zambia ($220.00)
Zimbabwe ($200.00)

RCMP Accredited Fingerprints

CANADA ONLY - CSI Screening provides RCMP accredited fingerprint services in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Fingerprints are sent to RCMP electronically. Our fee includes the RCMP $25 fee. Contact us to make appointment at 902-450-0697
Fingerprints - Adoption (Canadian/International) ($86.00)
Fingerprints - Canadian Citizenship ($65.00)
Fingerprints - Employment (Federal Government) ($65.00)
Fingerprints - Employment (Private Industry) ($86.00)
Fingerprints - Employment (Provincial Government) ($86.00)
Fingerprints - Landed Immigrant Status ($65.00)
Fingerprints - Pardon Application ($86.00)
Fingerprints - Privacy Act Request ($65.00)
Fingerprints - Visa/Border Crossing/Foreign Travel ($86.00)
Fingerprints - Volunteer Employment ($65.00)

USA Sex Offender Registry Search

This search provides information regarding the presence or location of offenders who, in most cases, have been convicted of sexually violent offenses against adults, children, certain sexual contact and other crimes against victims who are minors.
USA Sex Offender Registry Search ($32.00)

USA State Criminal Record Search

In the United States, criminal record searches are conducted by State and in some cases by county, along with surname.  If you require criminal records searches in the USA, you MUST identify all the surnames you used in each State to be searched.  Each State and surname is a separate search and will be charged as such.  Please provide all information requested on our site, including any potential employers you wish your results to be sent to.  Typically searches in the USA can be completed within 24 hours.  IMPORTANT: Before your check can be completed, you must fill out the CONSENT FORM on our website and submit it to us.
Alabama ($52.50)
Alaska ($52.50)
Arizona ($52.50)
Arkansas ($52.50)
California ($52.50)
Colorado ($52.50)
Connecticut ($100.00)
Delaware ($52.50)
District of Columbia ($52.50)
Florida ($52.50)
Georgia ($52.50)
Hawaii ($52.50)
Idaho ($52.50)
Illinois ($52.50)
Indiana ($52.50)
Iowa ($52.50)
Kansas ($52.50)
Kentucky ($52.50)
Louisiana ($52.50)
Maine ($65.00)
Maryland ($52.50)
Massachusetts ($90.00)
Michigan ($52.50)
Minnesota ($52.50)
Mississippi ($52.50)
Missouri ($52.50)
Montana ($52.50)
Nebraska ($52.50)
Nevada ($52.50)
New Hampshire ($52.50)
New Jersey ($52.50)
New Mexico ($52.50)
New York ($130.00)
North Carolina ($52.50)
North Dakota ($52.50)
Ohio ($52.50)
Oklahoma ($100.00)
Oregon ($52.50)
Pennsylvania ($52.50)
Rhode Island ($52.50)
South Carolina ($52.50)
South Dakota ($52.50)
Tennessee ($60.00)
Texas ($52.50)
Utah ($52.50)
Vermont ($65.00)
Virginia ($52.50)
Washington ($52.50)
West Virginia ($52.50)
Wisconsin ($52.50)
Wyoming ($52.50)

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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - e Consent or Electronic ID Verification (EIV) is the process of positively identifying an individual online.  It has been in use by Canada’s major banks and financial institutions for many years.  The secure process draws from Canada’s credit bureaus and other third-party databases to produce four “out of wallet” questions that only the individual answering would accurately be able to answer. Although the questions are drawn from your credit history, your credit file is not viewed.  Once you have answered all questions you will be presented with a form which must be completed and then click the submit button, otherwise the process cannot be completed.

Should the system fail to identify you, you will be presented with the option to submit your request by paper and you will be credited the difference between the two fees.  If you choose to cancel your request after you have accessed the system, there will be a security system cancellation fee.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 888-818-5251 or

Last Name/Nom:
First Name/Prénom:
Date Of Birth/Date de naissance: (MM/DD/YYYY)
Postal Code/Code Postal:

FORM B – Declaration of Criminal Record

Applicants should not declare a conviction for which the applicant has received:

  • A Pardon in accordance with the Criminal Records Act
  • A conviction where the Applicant was a "young person" under the Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • Ab absolute or conditional discharge pursuant to section 730 of the Criminal Code
  • An Offence for which the Applicant was not convicted
  • Any provincial or municipal offence
  • Any charges dealt with outside Canada

Declaration of Criminal Record does not constitute a Certified Criminal Record by the RCMP. Declaration of Criminal Record may not contain all criminal record convictions. A certified Criminal Record can only be issued by CCRTIS based on the submission of fingerprints to the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records.

I declare the following conviction(s) for offences under Federal Law.

  Date of Sentence Place of Sentence Charge

Extra Copy

Contact Name:

Please download the following documents to fill out. You can log in to upload them once they are completed.


CSI Screening Consent Form

Form B - Criminal Self-Declaration


Autorisation pour la divulgation d'information

FORMULAIRE B - Déclaration de casier judiciaire

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